Tricky, who helped spur the trip-hop movement back in the mid-'90s when it looked like it actually might amount to something, is still making music. In fact, he released his 10th album, 'False Idols,' just last year.

And he has another new LP lined up for September. It's titled 'Adrain Thaws,' which happens to be Tricky's real name. Whether or not this turns out to be the artist's "personal album" remains to be seen, but since we always figured that his 1995 debut, 'Maxinquaye,' was pretty damn personal, maybe it's some sort of creative rebirth for the 46-year-old Brit.

The album's first single, the sputtering and throbbing 'Nicotine Love,' was just released. And it sounds a little less freaked out than the music found on Tricky's greatest albums (1996's 'Pre-Millennium Tension' is also worth hearing). It even sounds downright mainstream in parts.

'Nicotine Love' also features Francesca Belmote on vocals, pretty much serving the same purpose Martina Topley-Bird did on Tricky's best work. You can listen to the song above.

"Calling it 'Adrian Thaws' is saying you don't really know me," Tricky says in a press release announcing the album. "So many times people have tried to put a finger on me, and every album I go to a different place."

And apparently he's heading to the club for the new one. "I suppose this is my club/hip-hop album," he says. "I've only heard my music a few times in a club, but I grew up in clubs from when I was 14: blues parties, hip-hop clubs, a few raves. I'm not known for doing club music, but this album has some club tracks on it -- well, what I would consider club music."

While we wait for the rest for it, here's the great 'Overcome' from Tricky's debut:

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