Tripp Kramer’s 2012 debut EP, ‘Adsum,’ introduced listeners to his mixed bag of musical talents and his ability to transform them into sleek alt-R&B tunes.

The Baltimore-born singer-songwriter takes it a step further on his latest EP, ‘Reality’s Death Mask,’ by infusing his jazz background and expanding the R&B foundation established on ‘Adsum’ into more experimental territory.

You can grab the brand-new EP’s lead single, ‘Tree,’ below for a sampling of Kramer’s newly spacey sonic terrain. The track employs impressive guitar and dark beats for a smoky and mysterious outcome. One thing Kramer’s atmospheric track isn’t lacking is the element of cool -- it has it in spades.

“In terms of producing it, the words and melody fit perfectly with the drum machine, which is where I started writing,” Kramer tells “I usually start with chords, so that was a new point of entry for me.”

“The rest fell into place on top of that,” he adds. “I don’t know how it turned out as upbeat as it did, because it’s about distance and missing someone far away. But when I’m writing, I usually don’t question where things go. It tends to get in the way.”

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