Move over, "Weird Al" Yankovic? The sugar substitute Truvia uses a song parody in a new commercial promoting its sweetener set to the tune of the classic lullaby 'Hush Little Baby.'

With a twinkling toy piano, singer Jetty Rae offers up an ode to the chocolate bunny: "Hush little bunny don’t say a word / We used to be enemies, that’s absurd / A nibble on your ear used to keep me up all night / Now our relationship can be nice and bright / Yes my chocolate friend, our struggle’s through / When I bite your head off, I still love you / Now I have Truvia and I’ve been set free / Natural sweetness from a leaf with zero calories."

Not exactly Song of the Year-worthy lyrics, but it's a sweetener commercial, after all. Rae has a pleasant voice, and her vocals are paired with shots of a girl trying her hardest not to eat a chocolate bunny on the table. She finally gives in and takes off both ears after hearing the bunny was made with Truvia. The rest of the ad shows close-ups of the sugar substitute being sprinkled on fruit and in beverages.

Michigan native Jetty Rae is a singer/songwriter who has been recording for nearly a decade now. Her last album, 'Drowning in Grain,' hit retailers in February of this year. Rae performed on a side stage at the 2010 revival of the Lilith Fair. Her YouTube page features original songs and covers like Foster the People's 'Pumped Up Kicks' and '1,2,3,4' by Feist.

Watch Jetty Rae's 'Hush Little Bunny' in the Truvia Chocolate Bunny Commercial