Good news for 'Twin Peaks' fans: There's a new box set coming out with 90 minutes of unseen footage.

It all comes from the feature film 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me,' which was released after the TV show was off the air, but anyone who's seen David Lynch's leftovers -- whether it's a marathon cut of the 2006 movie 'Inland Empire' or cutting-room footage from the classic 'Blue Velvet' -- knows that the director leaves behind some great material.

Entertainment Weekly reveals that the Blu-ray box set will be titled 'Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery and the Missing Pieces,' and will contain the entire run of the 1990-91 TV series, the movie and extras like deleted and alternate scenes.

"During the last days in the life of Laura Palmer many things happened, which have never been seen before," Lynch said. "They're here now alongside the new transfer of 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me' and 'Twin Peaks,' the television series."

Lynch oversaw the new project himself. A Facebook petition to include the unseen footage took on a life of its own over the past couple years, leading to its inclusion on the upcoming set, which will be released on July 29.

While the surreal TV show ran for only two seasons, it's maintained a loyal and obsessive fan base. 'Fire Walk With Me' served as a prequel to the events that occurred in the show, and was released in 1992.

A Tumblr page has been set up to mark the box set's release. Too bad we can't wrap it in plastic.

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