Ty Segall has never really been one to say no to most possible creative collaborations (he's a member of about half-a-dozen bands) and the singer-songwriter has just revealed a new one.

Broken Bat is a new supergroup with Segall, Redd Kross and OFF! bassist Steven McDonald and Melvins drummer Dale Crover that, according to their Bandcamp page, "is designed to kill your mind." And while the tags include "rap" and "mainstream hip-hop," the "taste" of a song they posted ("Take My Medicine") is fuzed-out sludge reminiscent of Segall's other once-secret band, Fuzz.

No word on when we'll hear more than the 53 seconds of music we've got now, but those 53 seconds are filled with some ominous brutality. Listen below.

Broken Bat –"Take My Medicine"