Someone decided that re-enacting the bombings that shook Belfast, Ireland during "The Troubles" would make for a great music video for U2. According to the Belfast Telegraph, though, many residents were not impressed.

For those who don't know, "The Troubles" refers to the not-so-long-ago conflicts in Ireland that led to widespread violence, including bombings, that killed many innocent people. Plenty of Belfast residents today can remember those times, and were displeased with U2 for recreating them.

Although the Telegraph didn't report what exactly the footage being shot was for, it did say that U2 themselves weren't there, opting instead to use body doubles. Aside from complaints of the video being in poor taste, some residents also complained that the production crew and gear were disruptive to daily life.

Director Dan Gordon defended U2, saying, "People rush to look at the negative. U2 aren't setting out to paint us or themselves in a poor light. They are there to expose stuff and talk about it." He added, "Nobody even knows what the song is about and we are rushing to play the blame game."