In 1980, U2 released their debut album, ‘Boy.’ Capturing the energy and raw intensity of the band from their early days, ‘Boy’ features their first-ever No. 1 single in the U.K., ‘I Will Follow.’

Following the issue of ‘Boy,’ U2 took their music to venues all over Europe -- and now, one of those performances is being released exclusively on vinyl to the band’s official fan club.

“Recorded in a small club, with just a few hundred passionate fans, this vintage live set captures a time when the band were taking songs like ‘The Electric Co,’ ‘I Will Follow’ and ‘Out of Control’ on the road,” a statement on U2’s website reads.

It goes on, “There was no internet or digital downloading in 1980 ... the band’s debut LP, ‘Boy,’ was released on vinyl. In keeping with that history, and in tribute to the return of vinyl, as a subscriber you’ll receive this limited edition live set on two 10-inch vinyl albums in a bespoke gatefold sleeve.”

That is about all we know about the double-10-inch set right now, but U2 assure us that “the cover, title and tracklisting will be announced in the next few weeks.”

If this strikes your fancy, you can get more details on what it takes to be a member of right here.

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