Last night (May 12) in Vancouver, U2 closed out the first night of their tour honoring the 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree by looking forward. Their final song of the evening was the world premiere of "The Little Things That You Give Away."

As you can see from the video above, Bono introduces the song after thanking those responsible for putting this new production together. Then he says, "Here's a song of experience that we've never played before ... for anyone," referring to the title of their next album.

Over a spare drumbeat with piano by the Edge, Bono begins the plaintive, reflective tune. It's not dissimilar in tone from a Coldplay ballad, an irony given how frequently Chris Martin and co. have been compared with U2. Overall, it has the feeling of an album-closer, especially in the extended coda where the lyrics tie back to Songs of Innocence, reinforcing the idea that Songs of Experience is intended as a companion to their 2014 record. "Sometimes I can't believe my existence / See myself from a distance / I can't get back inside / Sometimes the air is so anxious / All my tasks are so thankless / And all my innocence has died," Bono sings.

Shortly thereafter, the Edge steps away from the keyboard, begins one of his trademark delayed guitar riffs and the song kicks into gear for the final minute or so, concluding with a melodic solo by the guitarist.

As recently as February, they said they were "85 percent" done with Songs of Experience, and that they were returning to the studio in March before preparing for this tour. Although nothing is set in stone, they are hoping to release it towards the end of this year, and promote it on the road in the spring of 2018.

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