UGG is ready for summer with its new line of ‘Indah’ slip-on flats. The commercial for the designer shoes portrays a woman dancing slowly through a dark room, popping balloons with an umbrella. What’s the song in the charming ad?

The catchy tune is ‘Skyscraper’ by London-based duo Elephant, featuring Amelia Rivas and Christian Pinchbeck, and it’s from their 7-inch vinyl release — also titled ‘Skyscraper’ — which dropped back in March via Memphis Industries.

“A melodic, catchy bass line and steady beat serve as rhythmic anchors, grounding the song where others might swirl aimlessly, and the chorus is complemented nicely by bursts of choral backing vocals,” wrote Pitchfork in a review of the track. “In striking a balance between airy, light pop and an assertive, earthy low end, Elephant properly honor the song's title: after all, skyscrapers couldn't exist without solid foundations.”

If you’re digging the song in the commercial (watch below), check out their SoundCloud to listen to it in its entirety — it’s also available for purchase here.  Visit Tumblr and Facebook for more info about this group of talented Brits.

Hear Elephant’s ‘Skyscraper’ in the UGG Spring 2013 Commercial