With all the demonstrations and protests happening throughout the world lately, Jeremiah Johnson, who records as the one-man band the Ugly Facade, has put a spotlight on a good amount of them in his new video for 'Scend.'

Johnson directed the video -- which is making its premiere here -- and came up with a visually frenetic piece that hopefully will make you a bit more aware of the world around you. From Nepal and Nicaragua to Egypt and even the U.S., he presents images of various protests against civil unrest within communities ... and uncovers what happens when authorities get involved.

Besides that footage, we also see Johnson close up on the screen with the song's lyrics coming out of his mouth in the form of white noise. So no, your video isn't lagging; it's all in his artistic vision.

'Scend' is the latest single off the Austin industrial rocker's recently released LP, 'Sinking Anthems.' You can watch the video above.