Ula Ruth consists of four fine lads from Connecticut whose songs resemble the steady pop of the Strokes combined with the playful nature of the Format.

To most, this amalgam wouldn't seem that interesting. But by golly, they pull it off well.

The band's brand-new 'Let Down,' premiering here on Diffuser.fm, tells a story we all know: A person you've fallen for just won't return the feeling 100 percent. It's a maddeningly lonely sensation that only a songwriter can truly put in words.

"I was sitting on my friend's couch, just moping about feeling like an idiot that I had just gotten played by this girl I really fancied," singer Nic James tells Diffuser.fm. "It's definitively a pop song, but in the old way. I think that way is cooler. For anyone who has ever felt 'Let Down,' cheers, this one's for you."

When James stops the music to say "F--- it," you're about to be treated to a blistering solo. Enjoy -- and watch for Ula Ruth's upcoming EP, due out early next year.

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