For indie rocker and father-to-be Jeffrey Wright, passion for music permeates all areas of life. In what little time off Wright has from the American Scene, one of the few respectable bands left in their genre, he has adopted the name Unconditional Arms and taken to writing a full-length album as a gift to his unborn child. Of course, with this undertaking have come expenses -- those in addition to the mounting costs that parenthood brings -- and thus Jeffrey is crowdsourcing the money he needs for UA's debut, 'Kinship.'

We love the American Scene and their affiliate projects almost as much as we love it when parents do cool things for their kids, so to help spread the word, and in the interest of sharing good music, we're giving away the first single from 'Kinship,' 'First Look.'

"'First Look' is a song that I wrote after seeing the person I love tell me that we were going to have a child," Wright tells "It's a strange feeling, and I don't think that anyone has the same method of dealing with it. This song is a representation of my reaction. Trying to transpose the moment into music was a challenge, and honestly, I don't think I'll ever be able to create an accurate depiction of the exact feelings I had ... but I can try. This is what came out of all that."

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