After seven years, a change of record label and the departure of singer-guitarist Sam Goldberg, who left to join fellow Canadian indie-rockers Broken Social Scene, Toronto’s wildly underrated noise-rock quartet Uncut are back with a new album.

Comprising 10 new tracks, ‘Infinite Repeats,’ which landed mid-July via MB3 Records, proves well worth the wait. Jon Drew (drums), Derek Tokar (bass, vocals), Ian Worang (guitar, vocals) and Chris McCann (guitar) show that, despite the hiatus and personnel change, they haven’t lost their touch for making heavy-hitting rock that blends their post-punk and grunge influences.

The third full-length in their discography, ‘Infinite Repeats’ is filled with raging guitars and noisy feedback. It packs a whole lot of punch, as can be heard on the album’s lead track and today’s free MP3, ‘Young Pioneers.’

“Musically, ‘Young Pioneers’ is one of our more upbeat numbers, so we tried to balance that with a lyrical motif rooted in disdain for contemporary culture,” the band tells

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