Urban Outfitters is a retailer known for outfitting the hip and happening all across the country, whether it be in the bohemian hotspots of our metropolitan centers or the suburban periphery. Ceremony are a San Francisco-based hardcore punk band known for their ferocious sonic assault and being signed to Matador, making them possibly the hardest-hitting indie act to ever work with the mainstay label. What do you get when you put the two together? Welcome to the Urban Outfitters 2012 Denim Catalog preview spot.

Everyone from teens to 30-somethings seem to wear Outfitters outfits these day, but this clip is clearly targeted at the younger side of that demographic spread. Actually, the models featured in this ad look to easily be pushing 20, but not surprisingly, it takes place in a high school. Among the activities the models undertake: looking cool while strolling the school halls, looking cool while standing around, skateboarding, playing hoops and food fighting. Somehow, they even manage to look cool with scoops of cream pie dripping down their faces.

'Hysteria' is the name of the Ceremony tune that appears in the ad; it's the first single off their 2012 Matador debut, 'Zoo.' That disc was a bit of a departure for the band from their serious hardcore roots, as they take on more of a post-punk sound along the lines of Wire's iconic 'Pink Flag' album. Still, Ceremony is about as hardcore as Matador gets, and the band seems the ideal pick for an Urban Outfitters commercial.

Hear Ceremony's 'Hysteria' in the 2012 Urban Outfitters Denim Commercial