Valente Bertelli is from Rome and was raised in the Italian part of Switzerland. The son of a jazz singer and a theater director, Valente was genetically destined for music. He's since moved to LA and has just released his debut EP, 'Alexandria.' Today we get a free download of the strikingly sincere single 'Home.'

Valente draws influence from Brian Eno, Sting and Peter Gabriel, and 'Home' sounds like a fusion of those ambient and pop sensibilities -- with Icelandic tones from Mum and Amiina. Valente has already collaborated with Avi Buffalo, Angela McCluskey and Gordon Gano of Violent Femmes, and based on the strength of this single, we think his star is only beginning to rise.

"I wrote this when I was on the road a lot," Valente tells, describing 'Home.' "The constant moving made me realize that I had no place to call home; then I remembered who makes me feel at home."

Watch out for Valente's full-length later this year.

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