California's Vanaprasta rocks the line between 'Stairway to Heaven' and 'Deloused In the Comatorium,' and they don't suck live. Exhibit A: The up-and-comers' 'Spotify Live Sessions.'

The West Coast quintet is a dedicated bunch, having released three records in the last two years and spent much of that time on the road with the likes of the Rocketboys and Young the Giant. All that hard work seems to have paid off, affording them plenty of time to hone their craft and attracting the attention of tech mogul Sean Parker's streaming-music client, Spotify, which offered to distribute two of Vanaprasta's releases exclusively.

The latter of those releases is 'Spotify Live Sessions,' which guitarist Cameron Dmytryk spoke to about. "Recently Spotify opened its doors to us to play an exclusive, semi-acoustic performance of the tracks they featured for us when we released the 'Effie Sessions' EP," he said. "Spotify is one of the first platforms trying to adapt to the current musical climate rather than just live in denial about everything existing for free in this digital age. This is the result of that afternoon, an afternoon in an office that allows dogs ... and has an open bar on a giant surfboard at noon. So naturally, we had a f---ing blast."

Check out the beautifully executed 'Supernumerary' below.

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