For more than a decade, the Carolinas have maintained a healthy scene of aggressive musicians. Bequeathed the torch, Vanisher come from a long line of mainstays, among them Between the Buried & Me, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Hopesfall and Glass Casket.

Their take on the genre involves more of a classic approach to metal, utilizing a modernized '80s-style clean vocal over crisp, calculated, American metal production. The '80s may not have been metal's salad days, but Vanisher expertly nails the balance between homage and parody as they blend shredded power leads and Killswitch Engage-esque breakdowns with more hooks than you can throw your horns at.

"Unbound was a huge step for us," frontman Justin Reich told "It was a divergent path for us, and it was a rough road to take. But with all the positivity we've received, we see it was well worth it. We continue to grow and have fun with what we do. Looking forward to a bright new year."

Ring in 2013 with Vanisher's new single, and keep an eye out for new material from the group.

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