Hungarian electro-pop duo Venice Valley sum up their sound in one word: “summer.” But before you start conjuring images of beaches and hearing fuzzy surf rock in your head, think again. Sugár Andor and Hencz Peti are more ‘80s synth-pop than rattling guitars and washed-out reverb.

The Budapest-based twosome’s debut single, ‘Stay,’ does make us think of summer, but it’s more of a sweet farewell to the season, after the beaches have emptied out for the year. There’s a longing in the song’s refrain, “You are always here in my mind,” and it steeps the tune in nostalgia rather than free-spirited sunniness.

“‘Stay’ would like to catch the short moment when the summer ends, but you still vigorously remember all the admirable seconds of this period,” the band tells

Andor and Peti have translated the song into an equally lethargic video, which follows a girl in a bathing suit lethargically going from hammock to pool to field of grass. If nothing else, the guys of Venice Valley will be sure to give you the end-of-summer blues.

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