The best kept secret in Minneapolis just might be Village Industry, a duo of multi-instrumentalists that much of the indie community -- a scene that has birthed the likes of Gayngs, Solid Gold and Polica -- are sleeping on.

In crafting their unique sound, Josiah Quick and partner Joshua Caro seemingly started on Thom Yorke's musical real estate and built a big, brand-new '90s-alt-rock house on it. At times, VI's subdued style might strike some as aimless, but in actuality, the songs build slowly in a linear fashion, strolling toward climax. They fully deserve the patience required of listeners to get there.

"'White Elephants' is a song that we wrote early one morning in a practice space that doubled as our studio apartment at the time," Quick told "We ended up keeping the song as it was originally improvised on the spot, however, it took two years to get it right as a recorded song and produced to our liking."

"In light of those two details," he added. "'White Elephants' is a song we love, and hate, most of all."

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