Villagers has just dropped another new track off their upcoming third album, Darling Arithmetic, "The Soul Serene." You can listen to it above.

Following the release of "Hot Scary Summer" and "Courage," the track takes us deeper into frontman Conan O'Brien's mind and heart. Although you can hear his acoustic folk roots shining through in the continuous guitar picking that forms the foundation of the track, the introduction of other layered sounds and the slow-tempo drum adds more depth to the song and shows fans how Villagers' sound has evolved from their first album, Becoming a Jackal.

As far as the lyrics go, O'Brien continues the love and relationship theme on this one. Despite all the metaphors, he sings about finding that right person and taking the next step into their relationship. "So I go walking on the shore / And wonder what I'm walking for / Rain falling in the stream / 'Cause I tried to figure / I tried to figure / What it all means / And I find chameleon dreams in my mind," he sings in the first verse.

Not only are the words beautiful, but the song will also put you in a more relaxed mood with the ebb and flow of the melody.

Villagers performed in Brooklyn on Monday (March 23) with Laura Marling, and the band will return to Brooklyn to do a headlining show tonight (March 25) at Union Pool. After taking a little break, they will then kick off a U.K. and European tour with stops in Holland, France and Germany, on April 11 in Rotterdam, Holland.

Darling Arithmetic is released on April 14 via Domino Records. You can pre-order your copy of the album on iTunes.

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