When the Vim Dicta — Cori Elliott (vocals, bass), Matt Tunney (guitar) and Chris Infusino (drums) — stepped foot in L.A.’s famous Capitol Studios, they knew they would be inspired by the legendary acts that worked there before.

The resulting sound is a mix between those classic rock ‘n’ roll influences and modern prog-rock like that of the Mars Volta. The trio calls it their very own “psycho groove” — a name they gave to their record label, which will release their EP later this year.

Adhering to recording standards of those who preceded them in Capitol Studios, the Vim Dicta largely recorded single takes, and you can sample one in the form of today’s free MP3, ‘Point Blank.’ In the track, Elliot adds her soulful vocals to the psych-rock soundscape created by her bandmates.

“We recorded this version of ‘Point Blank’ live in the studio at the famous Sunset Sound in Hollywood with engineers Shelly Yakus and Niko Bolas,” the band tells Diffuser.fm. “Lots of our musical heroes recorded their best work in that room, which was like … totally exciting! Since our priority is always to sound as good as the best we’ve heard, we feel fortunate to be working with people that really ‘know the difference’ and how to get it!”

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