It's been three years since Australian rockers the Vines last released a record. And from the sound of the first single from their upcoming album, it doesn't appear that they've mellowed any.

True to its name, 'Metal Zone' is a sonic thunderstorm of booming bass, flicking riffs and a rafters-shaking chorus. And screams -- some larynx-shredding screams. And it's a quick one: The entire song is in and out of there in less than two and a half minutes. Don't see too much of that anymore. You can watch the video above.

The song comes from the band's sixth album, 'Wicked Nature,' which comes out on Sept. 2.

It's the Vines' first album since 2011's 'Future Primitive.' It's also their first since frontman Craig Nicholls was arrested in 2012 for assaulting his parents and resisting arrest. He reportedly punched him mom in the head a couple times, injured an officer and had to be restrained with a pepper spray-like substance.

Just to remind you of how powerful this band used to be, here's 'Get Free,' the kick-ass single that got everything rolling on 2002's debut album 'Highly Evolved':