When we last left our T-Mobile biker chick, she had completed her wardrobe change from pink dress to pink and black motorcycle leather. In the company's latest commercial for its HTC One S phone, she sits on her bike and flips through the music library on her mobile device, giving viewers a brief taste of three very different songs.

The first song she settles on in this commercial is 'Everything Is Ours' by Waste Grease. Little is known about this group, but their contribution appears to be a rock song with hand claps and a slightly dance-y vibe. Unfortunately, we don't get to hear much of it, because the biker has an itchy trigger finger and after a few seconds selects a new song.

The next track she chooses is 'Everywhere I Go' by Eilen Jewell, an Idaho-born singer-songwriter who has received praise from NPR, USA Today and Entertainment Weekly. Though Jewell's music typically incorporates country, folk and Americana styles, 'Everywhere I Go' sounds like a '50s pop throwback.

It's a cute song, but not one we would expect our edgy biker girl to listen to as she races through the streets. So before long, the woman makes another selection from her phone, the Vines' 'Get Free,' the familiar garage rock song from their 2002 debut 'Highly Evolved.' She cranks the volume and takes off through the urban landscape.

The commercial informs viewers that T-Mobile's HTC One S phone has the ability to stream songs directly from a user's Google Play account without needing to sync to a home library like the iPhone.

Watch the T-Mobile HTC One S Commercial Featuring Songs From the Vines + More