Following three EPs, the guys of Vinny Vegas take their brand of sprawling emo-meets-prog rock a step further on their full-length debut, ‘The Big White Whale.’

The Baltimore-based quintet’s album doesn’t land for another week, but we’ve got a sneak peak with today’s free MP3, ‘Claws.’ And in it, the band sounds as though they’re, well, clawing their way to the song’s finish.

The swelling intro finds frontman Scott Siskind sounding pretty level-headed, but don’t be deceived. About midway through, the track transforms into a snarling and cutting takedown.

Just when it seems like Siskind and company — drummer Jason Cohen, bassist Ian Patrick McDonald, guitarist Earl Carter and keyboardist Emmanuel Lee — have reached their collective brink, the crew ends ‘Claws’ abruptly, with Siskind delivering a bitter message: “Just contradict yourself.”

“It’s one of the louder songs off the record,” Siskind tells “It was a fun one because it gave us a chance to mess in an odd time signature.”

Grab ‘The Big White Whale’ when it lands on Nov. 5.

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