If you're feeling a little sluggish today, let Vinyl Thief pick you up with their latest anthemic single, 'Stop Motion.'

The title might be a bit misleading. Aside from the set of staccato-esque notes in the opening, which is in the same vein as Temper Trap's 'Sweet Disposition,' the melody and Grayson Proctor's vocals flow so smoothly.

"Beating now / My head is a heartbeat / Look around / This picture's so empty / Frame by frame," Proctor sings emotionally.

Joining the likes of the Killers, Snow Patrol and Bastille, Vinyl Thief layer voices and instruments to create a great electro-rock symphony for the ears. Of course, like any good anthem, 'Stop Motion' moves into a big crescendo that incorporates a section of low horn sounds -- an interesting yet welcome surprise.

'Stop Motion' is the title track off the Nashville band's upcoming EP, due out on Feb. 4