Hailing from Brisbane, Queensland, Violent Soho have been rocking their brand of grungy alternative rock for the better part of a decade, and just this summer they sold out their entire Australian headlining tour before the first show ever took place. If you weren't lucky enough to be down under for the monthlong run of dates, fret not, for Diffuser is giving you the new music video for 'Eightfold'! Check it out above.

As frenetic and intense as their live show is, 'Eightfold' does everything it can to capture that experience. "'Eightfold' is one of the most epic songs to play in the middle of a raging set," drummer Michael Richards tells us. "It sums up the total vibe of how touring is for is -- total fun!'

And if guitarist James Tidswell's reaction to the video is any indication, sometimes touring can be a little too much fun: "I'm way too hungover to [remember this video] ... and I don't even remember that tour, but it looks like it was heaps of fun!"

'Eightfold' is taken from Violent Soho's latest studio album, 'Hungry Ghost,' which was recently certified gold after peaking at No. 6 on the Australian rock charts. Get details on the release -- including a red and black starburst vinyl edition -- right here.

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