Globetrotters and self-professed pop-culture junkies VOWS are truly a product of their environment. The experimental industrial duo draw inspiration from movies and books, as well as from New Wave and post-punk. The outcome is their forthcoming debut EP, something they describe as an empty club after a long night of dancing. All of which makes sense, as the twosome -- recent NYC transplants hailing from Sydney -- have created some pretty dark and foreboding stuff.

Case in point: ‘Symbol System,’ a track from VOWS’ upcoming EP and today’s free MP3 download. With its Gregorian-like chants and thumping piano, the track is reminiscent of Of Montreal.

According to the band, the ominous feel of ‘Symbol System’ derives from the song’s inspiration.

“‘Symbol System’ is about the underground,” Matt told “It’s a story of a double-talking, slippery junkie type. I’m fascinated by living outside of the normal world, in a place that doesn’t exist to anyone else, beyond normal means.”

He went on to explain that the contrast between the track’s dark elements and its pop and dance sensibilities was the band’s aim.

“The darkness and the light, the exhilaration you can get from that can’t come from anywhere else,” he said. “But in the end, you’re spent — the days used to be bright, innocent and full of questions … not any longer.”

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