Los Angeles-based band Wake Up Lucid seriously one-upped themselves this time around on the title track to their new full-length, 'Feel It.'

The three cousins, Ryan, Ian and Jamie -- assisted by producer Cardamone (the Icarus Line) -- have successfully channeled the aura of Sleep and blended it with the kind of Thin Lizzy-worship that would please even the staunchest of classic rock fans.

Ryan Baca, leader of the pack, told Diffuser.fm about the raw production techniques used in the making of the single: "The track 'Feel It' came together by us turning everything in the studio up to 10."

"The room was full of feedback and and we ran through the song," he continued. "Once we hit the last note you could tell that the energy had changed and we had really just created something."

"We tried to mix the song with that same idea in mind and basically made everything in the mix feel like its fighting with everything else to be heard," Baca said.

Snag 'Feel It' below. Hint: Play it loud.

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