Walmart's latest commercial uses a popular tune from the mid 2000's to promote the retailer's Low Price Guarantee.

The spot follows two individuals as they shop for everyday products at Walmart and discuss the store's price-matching policy.

The distant background music features an up-tempo guitar rhythm but isn't fully revealed until the very end, when we hear the voice of KT Tunstall singing, 'Suddenly I See.' The hopeful message is timed to match the eureka! moment of the shopper, who realizes she has found the most affordable store in which to shop.

Whatever happened to Tunstall, the promising British singer-songwriter who scored two big hits in 2005 with 'Suddenly I See' and 'Black Horse and the Cherry Tree?' Both songs came from her debut album 'Eye to the Telescope,' which garnered Grammy and BRIT Awards nominations.

Tunstall has continued recording music, but without the same level of publicity and commercial success. Her latest effort was 2010's 'Tiger Suit,' which changed up the formula by incorporating electronic sounds into her laregly-acoustic style. She may not be selling records like she once did, but we're sure a royalty check from the Waltons certainly didn't hurt her bank account.

Watch KT Tunstall's 'Suddenly I See' in the Walmart Low Price Guarantee Commercial