Anti-Flag returned with their latest album, American Spring, earlier this year, and today (Sept. 22), the band has shared a music video for “All of the Poison, All of the Pain.”

The live performance clip, directed by Maxim Frolov, captures the band playing concerts across Belgium, Austria and Hungary and their travels between each destination. In that way, “All of the Poison” contrasts Anti-Flag’s other videos -- such as American Spring’s “Sky Is Falling,” which addressed issues of drone warfare -- that tackle the band's social and political agenda head-on. Instead, the new clip opts for a more nuanced representation of the band's principles, but as the band explains in an accompanying statement, their live shows are a physical embodiment of those very ideals:

Anti-poverty, anti-capitalism, anti-war, Anti-Flag… Anti-Flag shows are a celebration of a collective that care about more than just themselves. A safe space where all can be free to be who they are. Free from racism, sexism, homo-and-transphobia, bigotry of any kind. We can only hope that some of that spirit is captured in this video.

American Spring is out now on Spinefarm Records; you can grab a physical copy at the band’s website or download it at iTunes.

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