From bringing crying fans on stage to Rickrolling the Westboro Baptist Church, it almost doesn’t seem like there’s anything more Dave Grohl can do to build upon his title as The Most Affable Rock Star on the Planet. But then he goes ahead and one-ups himself.

Case in point: At the Foo Fighters' concert in Clarkston, Mich., last night (Aug. 25), Grohl spotted a fan wielding a sign that read, “It’s my 50th, let’s have a beer.” Grohl, of course, obliged and brought the fan on stage to quickly chug beers before the Foos needed to get back to business.

“I know it’s your 50th birthday,” Grohl said as the fan, Griffin, entered the stage and was promptly handed a beer. “We’ve got a lot of songs we’ve got to play tonight. I’m gonna share this beer with you, and then I’ve gotta do my job.”

Grohl made sure to inspire hope in all concert-going Foo Fighters fans out there, that they, too, could maybe one day share a beer with the rocker.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Griffin’s birthday today,” Grohl continued. “Griffin went to Office Depot and bought one piece of cardboard and a Magic Marker. There you go, that’s all it takes.”

Grohl and Griffin finished off their beers before the latter took a bow and exited the stage, so the Foo Fighters could launch into “Breakout.” Watch the whole scene in the video up above.

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