A couple who stood in line for 16 hours to get Jack White's Record Store Day exclusive have posted a video of the first time they played their bounty. The item, a 12-inch copy of his new single 'Sixteen Saltines' that is filled with blue liquid.

In front of a giant poster of Eminem, which leads us to believe that they have a love of Detroit musicians, the purchaser opens the clear sleeve and twirls the disc to show the liquid before putting it on the turntable. He starts it up and the liquid gets pushed to the outside. Then he drops the needle to begin listening to the song.

This isn't the first gimmick White has come up with in marketing his work. Last month he pressed a 3RPM LP comprised of every single in his Third Man's "Blue Series," and he also released 1,000 flexidiscs of his single 'Freedom at 21' via helium balloon.

We have to admit that this is pretty cool, and not nearly as creepy as the Flaming Lips including their and their collaborators' blood in certain copies. But we still have to wonder why people would want to wait in line for 16 hours to watch centrifugal force in action when they can simply stare at their dryer.

Watch Jack White's Blue Liquid-Filled 'Sixteen Saltines' Spinning on a Turntable


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