Somewhere in the world recently, Shia LaBeouf did something kind of eccentric: A video posted on YouTube yesterday (June 28) shows the shirtless actor in an unidentified park freestyle rapping. Check out the bizarre and fascinating clip below.

It's not clear when and were the video was shot, but the ponytail LaBeouf sports in the video suggests it occurred recently -- but before he suffered head injuries while filming a stunt for the movie American Honey in North Dakota. The gathered crowd was into it, but their biggest reaction happened at one of the lyrical highlights: “It don’t make no sense, but I still get it like I got it though / Rockin’ like a novice, but I’m still rockin’ like a rocket though.”

LaBeouf's flow is actually somewhat impressive, but he couldn't pull the wool over the eyes of MC and producer Pri The Honey Dark, who claimed in an Instagram post that the Transformers star lifted his "freestyle" from the song "Perfectionist" by Anomolies, the MC's rap crew." To be fair, LaBeouf never claims to be performing original material.

Whatever the case, keep an eye on LaBeouf in case he decides to drop a mixtape or something: Nothing has been announced in any capacity, but the eccentric celebrity is prone to doing just about anything.