When looking for someone to direct a video for a song called 'Low Key,' there's nobody better to turn to than Ron Swanson himself.

Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy did just that for the new video from his latest band -- Tweedy -- featuring his 18 year-old son and drummer, Spencer, when he asked Nick Offerman of 'Parks and Recreation' to helm the clip. The result is a hilarious, deadpan jab at the music industry as the father-son duo are forced to try hawking their new album, 'Sukierae,' as traveling salesmen.

"I always tell people that Wilco for years have practically gone door-to-door to sell records,” Tweedy told the Wall Street Journal. He met Offerman when he appeared on 'Parks and Rec' last year and the pair struck an immediate kinship. Offerman happened to text Tweedy the day he came up with the video concept and was more than happy when the singer asked him to direct. Offerman said, “I didn’t have any business trying to fit it into my schedule, but I didn’t hesitate in saying, ‘Yeah. What time should we start?’”

In addition to the star-power Offerman brings to the clip, he also brought a ton of celebrity guest stars including Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter, Chance the Rapper and Mavis Staples. But Offerman said the real stars of the video are undoubtedly Jeff and Spencer Tweedy. "Getting to work with the two of them and getting to see their rapport as father and son, as well as bandmates, was really quite heartwarming,” Offerman said. “I left that weekend with a pretty solid crush on both of them.”

Tweedy -- 'Low Key' Official Music Video

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