When We Are the Brave wanted to bring their song 'Sparrow' to life, they passed on nature metaphors and went straight to the strip club.

Directed by James Chappell, the video brings Jess Chalker's lyrics to life and shows a girl, who could be Robyn's doppleganger, getting ready to work the pole for the evening. While there is hints at the main character trying to get out of the club, we are quickly engrossed in her beautiful routine and sparkly ensemble.

"Know when it's time to say farewell / 'Cause even the good girls can all go crazy / But you can't tame an animal," Chalker, who donned some heavy eye makeup for the video, sang in the pre-chorus.

'Sparrow' is the lead single off of the Sydney group's debut EP, 'Noctua,' which is out now via iTunes.