As Texas-based rockers We Were Wolves prepare for the release of their new EP, Ruin Your Weekend, Diffuser is ecstatic to partner with them to premiere its title track -- spin it, and crank it up, in the audio player below.

At any given moment, "Ruin Your Weekend" feels like it could go right off the rails in a blaze of glory -- but it never does, serving as a perfect indication of We Were Wolves' ability to remain in complete control, even in the midst of creating unadulterated, unhinged and unpredictable rock and roll.

"'Ruin Your Weekend' is a song about how something simple and innocent can be ruined by nothing," frontman Drew Haught tells us. "It happens to everyone and it's hard to stop. It's a song inspired by being young and how our mistakes affect others."

Guitarist Vinc Prihoda adds, "I think the song has an innate path it had to take. I don't feel like it's expected or trite; it's just natural. It's a song that feels like we all had a say in its composition. Even though the solos take up a good two-and-some-odd minutes, we all had ear-to-ear grins when we were finished."

And if you're like us, you're probably smiling ear-to-ear right now just listening to "Ruin Your Weekend." Make sure to stay tuned for more details surrounding We Were Wolves' upcoming EP, and definitely check out their official website for the latest information on everything happening in their world.

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