Wedlock began in 2004 in Virginia with singer-songwriter Paul Allgood and programmer Jeff Hathaway. The electro-pop outfit has since relocated to Durham, N.C., and undergone a series of lineup changes, with Allgood remaining as the only constant member. The various incarnations have put out a string of EPs and two LPs, 2008’s ‘Exogamy’ and 2009’s ‘Continuity.’

‘Black Sundress’ originally appeared on ‘Exogamy,’ but Wedlock partnered with Hagiphonic to remix the track, which we're offering as today's free download. The new version kicks the original up a notch by layering trippy dance beats on top of the existing keyboards and Allgood’s offbeat lyrics, which find him pining for Marie’s “psycho candy.”

“‘Black Sundress’ was inspired by a character from Paul Allgood’s novel, ‘Inextricable,’” the band tells “The Hagiphonic treatment was a brilliant experience that came later.”

Wedlock are prepping to return to the studio to record their next release.

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