Ween fans who were surprised by the band's breakup earlier this year will likely be totally shocked by this news. According to a report in Glide Magazine, ex-Ween singer Aaron Freeman is currently in a hospital in Belgium where he is undergoing “a transformative procedure" -- and the story suggests that said procedure may be a sex change operation. Wait, what?


This news comes in the wake of Freeman posting a new solo tune titled 'Genene' (listen below) and following it up with a series of suggestive quotes, several of which are open to various interpretations -- one of which being that it's about a sex change. In other words, this whole sex-change business is, at this point, nothing more than conjecture.

“This song is left to interpretation on purpose,” Freeman tells Glide of 'Genene' (listen below), which Entertainment Weekly suggests "may or may not also be the new name Freeman is adopting," despite little evidence to support a name change. Freeman continues: “To me, it’s just an honest song about where I’m at: creepy, real and pretty, just the way I like it. On one hand it’s about change and acceptance on a personal, spiritual level but can obviously be interpreted literally as a sex change.”

Yes, it definitely can be literally interpreted as being about a sex change. Also, it can be interpreted as being about many other things. If you ask us, it sounds like an instance of people reading way to much into song lyrics. But instead, we'll ask you: What do you think 'Genene' is about?