Where's "Weird Al" Yankovic finding the time to make all those new videos, talk up his new album and deliver a terrific TV appearance? We have no idea.

But after unleashing four new videos in four straight days to promote his just-released 'Mandatory Fun' album, the guy found time to stop by 'Conan' last night and perform 'Tacky,' his parody of Pharrell Williams' ubiquitous hit 'Happy.' You can watch it above.

Unlike the celebrity-stuffed video for 'Tacky,' the first of eight that he's releasing over the course of a week, last night's 'Conan' performance was something all its own, starting backstage with Yankovic getting his famous hair fixed.

The camera then follows him -- without ever cutting away! -- as he walks past dressing rooms and stagehands and eventually making his way to the stage, all while singing the song. It ends with Yankovic wrapping his arms and legs around the late-night host, which is pretty awesome. It's a way fun performance.

‘Mandatory Fun,’ which is available now at Amazon or iTunes, was released on Tuesday, and there's still four more new videos coming up over the next few days.

Yankovic somehow also found time to chat with us earlier this week about his new album. Find out what he said in our exclusive interview: