"Weird Al" Yankovic just released the track list for his upcoming album, 'Mandatory Fun,' and from the looks of things, it's going to be filled with his famous parodies.

Fans are all atwitter, speculating as to whom "Weird Al" is poking fun at with each one. Here's the track list so you can make your own guesses:

'Lame Claim to Fame'
'Sports Song'
'Word Crimes'
'My Own Eyes'
'NOW That’s What I Call Polka!'
'Mission Statement'
'First World Problems'
'Jackson Park Express'

There's probably a Lorde parody in there. And we're almost certain there's an Iggy Azalea parody on there. TMZ got some backstage footage of the Weird One asking for her blessing. If forced to guess -- which we aren't, but will guess anyway -- we'd tag 'Tacky' as his take on her massive hit 'Fancy.' At least that's what we'd call our own Iggy Azalea parody if we made one.

Yankovic has been quite busy lately. He recently announced on Twitter that he'll be releasing eight music videos over eight days. He also mentioned that his new album has the same release date, July 15, as Morrissey's new album. "Weird Al" seems unconcerned, though.

Aside from recording a new album, making eight new music videos and all the Twittering, "Weird Al" has also made some hilarious appearances on different web series, including 'Epic Rap Battles of History' and 'Drunk History.' Check him out as Sir Isaac Newton in the video below. He totally won that one.

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