With their brand-new album, ‘The Hoss, the Candle,’ which arrived yesterday (July 16) via RSRCH + DVLP, White Dove have crafted a beautiful set of songs that land somewhere between poppy and haunting. It’s the first full-length the L.A. trio has released since dropping their previous moniker, Monster, and today, Diffuser.fm is excited to host the exclusive premiere of their video for ‘Sister,’ which captures the eerier side of their sound.

“The video tells the story of ‘Bloody Mary’ and is set in an old Indian Church that was later converted to a farmhouse,” the band told Diffuser.fm.

Lead singer and songwriter Alex Johnstone plays Mary, while actor Miles Jopling portrays her husband. The foreboding Grant Falardeau-directed clip follows the couple’s doomed relationship, from their wedding in the desert in front of a handful of empty, dusty folding chairs to its tragic end.

See how the pair meets their demise in the clip above, and catch up with White Dove on Facebook to learn more.