Anytime Thrill Jockey puts out a new album, you just gotta listen. That's especially true in the case of White Hills' latest, 'So You Are… So You'll Be.

It's a loud-as-hell disc of pure modern metal, complete with big-muff lead lines and death-defying drumming.

The single 'In Your Room' begins with buzzsaw distortion and a story that would freak any young child out. The group sings the title over and over again, as if conjuring a beastly shadow monster from underneath your twin bed.

"Today, humans are far removed from the environment of the planet in which we inhabit," singer Dave W tells "We create structures (rooms) for our perceived benefit."

"We spend the majority of our time in some kind of a created room, whether that is a physical room or the room within your mind," he adds. "Both can create psychosis. 'In Your Room' examines these rooms and its affect on us all."

Someone send this to Tommy Wiseau immediately.

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