Whores. dish out some truly ugly music. The Atlanta-based power trio are often -- and rightfully -- compared to the noise dealers that inhabited the late, great Amphetamine Reptile label in the ‘90s. We're talking goups like the Cows, Tar and Unsane.

Earlier this year, Whores. spent time in the studio with producer Ryan Boesch (Melvins, Tomahawk) and recorded ‘Clean,’ their forthcoming sophomore album. The album title must be ironic, since the songs on it are everything but clean. From the gutter-kissed guitars and bass tones to Christian Lembach’s snarling vocals, ‘Clean’ is one mean bastard of an album.

“Themes on the new record: alienation, fear, regret, metamorphosis, betrayal, paranoia, suffering, dread, loss as an aesthetic, abandonment, impermanence, disease, death, class struggle, materialism, bad dreams, pyromania and failure," Whores. tell Diffuser.fm. "‘Baby Bird’ is about one of those things."

‘Clean’ hits stores on Oct. 29 via Brutal Panda, but you can download ‘Baby Bird' right now via that big ol' button below.

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