Even though Will Butler of Arcade Fire has a brand new solo album out called Friday Night, he naturally gets asked about his main gig. Yesterday (June 17), he gave an indication as to when Arcade Fire's follow-up to 2013's Reflektor could be coming out.

During an AMA at Reddit, the second question was "the obligatory" asking about the status of new music from Arcade Fire. His response was, "Probly (sic) next spring? No definite schedule though. It'll be done when it's done."

Released yesterday, Friday Night contains live versions of five songs from his solo debut, Policy, that were recorded last year at Chicago's Lincoln Hall. The other seven tracks consist of five new songs and two others that he recorded last year for the British newspaper The Guardian.

"Think of this as a comedy record," he said in a press release. "In some ways literally -- Brooklyn comedian Jo Firestone does the introduction and the 'solo' in Friday Night -- but also, it’s an album based on working out ideas in a room full of people, playing off their energy and expectations. It’s about taking complicated emotions and wringing communal joy from them, and then translating that joy onto record. So here you go!"

In the AMA, Butler also discussed the possibility of his doing another record under his own name. "Very good chances for 2nd solo album in the next couple years, hopefully sooner rather than later," he wrote. "But no plans at all. My favorite part was putting the cover artwork out in to the world."

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