As Microsoft shows off the fresh look of its Windows 8 operating system, the company uses the music of another fresh face in its U.K. commercial. Australian singer-songwriter Lenka is featured in the ad with the bouncy tune 'Everything at Once.'

The commercial uses original footage from Lenka's music video, in which she appears with two other dancers in front of a black and white backdrop.

Lenka sings, "Cool as a tree / As scary as the sea / As warm as the sun / As silly as fun / As hot as fire / As cold as ice / As sweet as sugar / And everything nice / All I wanna be / All I wanna be / Is everything at once."

It's that last line that probably convinced Microsoft to choose the song, since the company wants consumers to believe that Windows 8 is everything at once. The spot emphasizes the operating system's eye-popping colors and mobile device-style interface.

'Everything at Once' was a hit in Canada and throughout Europe, though oddly not in Lenka's home country. The song was produced by David Kosten, who produced all three of Bat for Lashes' albums. Lenka has been recording since 2001, when she was a member of electronic rock act Decoder Ring.

Hear Lenka's 'Everything at Once' in the Windows 8 U.K. Commercial

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