NYC trio Wise Girl — singer Abby Weitz, guitarist Chris Fasulo and drummer Harry Keithline — brings back the ‘90s post-grunge power-pop of Letters to Cleo on their debut LP, ‘You’ll Just Have to Wait,’ which landed in September.

We’re offering the album’s lead single, ‘So Broken,’ for free download below. The track opens with Weitz’s powerful vocals and the very distant hum of a guitar, which makes her singing all the more striking. Then come the jerky and energetic guitars and drums, originally was a point of contention between her and Fasulo.

“Chris and I fought over the chorus’ choppy guitars, because I had originally written it playing the guitars straight through and wanted to keep it that way,” Weitz tells “But in the end, the choppy guitars totally made more sense dynamic-wise and sounded awesome, so he won.”

The outcome is a playful anthem with no shortage of attitude, and the frontwoman’s starkly honest songwriting gives Wise Girl’s perky tunes depth.

“‘So Broken’ was one of the few songs on our album, ‘You’ll Just Have to Wait,’ that is not about a failed romantic relationship,” Weitz tells “I was pretty devastated over a falling-out that I’d had with a really close friend and wrote a song about it.”

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