The Graves brothers are right back at it again. Nate and Matt -- alongside their With a Gun For a Face bandmates -- are here with 'Autocrat,' the follow-up to 'Corporate Callosum,' which we talked about late last year.

With a Gun For a Face are a refreshingly strange group, not just for their Minneapolis homebase, but actually for the aggressive music scene on the whole. The Twin Cities' show-going population isn't really prone to accept anything too strange anyway, but even with that in mind, WAGFAF serve up a highly unique, if not downright bizarre, brand of punk-meets-pro hardcore that will have even the elite B9 posters scratching their heads.

From 'Autocrat,' we're offering up 'Millennia,' of which Matt "Gravey" Graves comments, "I'll go a head and say the song, as well as the rest of the album, are a musical expression of frustration in an authoritative and restrictive world."

From that, we can only deduce that the album is, in fact, a tribute to NWA's 'Straight Outta Compton.'

"'Millennia,'" Nate added, "is about eternity in a room."

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