Experimental music is thicker than water, and that's exactly what runs through the Graves brothers' veins. Nate Graves and his brother (Omnitrigger bassist) Matt have teamed up yet again to bring us With a Gun For a Face.

We knew as soon as this came in that we were in for a treat; see the glowing review we gave the group's brother band via the hyperlink above. With a Gun For a Face emit a patented too-technical-to-be-punk, too-punk-to-be-orchestrated, too-anything-to-be-anything sound that one might only attempt to sum up as what you might hear if System of a Down studied the life and times of Freddie Mercury and wrote a bunch of surf-punk songs for a limited-pressing vinyl release.

Does that even make sense? Anyway, Matt "Gravy" Graves had this to say about the group's full-length album 'Corporate Callosum': "In the writing process, we fell into a more dissonant and darker place than we had been previously."

This is an audible theme that definitely aligns with the lyrical direction that Nate explored regarding dependency on corporate America. Matt concluded, "There's also an intentional element of annoyance or 'sarcasm' to many of the guitar parts."

An official video for the track can be seen here. Download 'Parade of Horribles' below.

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