Ever wonder why some women find, say, Steven Tyler attractive even though he looks like one of your mom's old friends? Turns out there's scientific research out there to back up why women are attracted to rock stars.

According to Business Insider, it all has to do with the music. Yep, the long hair, the rock-star poses and the foil-encased cucumbers in their trousers are just byproducts of this sexual attraction.

"A study suggests that woman in their most fertile phases are more attracted to men who can produce the best music," says the report, which was based on research by the University of Sussex. "The findings indicated that women believed men with strong musical abilities carried better genes than those lacking in such skills."

Researchers studied approximately 1,500 women "with an average age of 28, who were not breastfeeding, pregnant or using hormonal contraception," and published the results in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, which may or may not be an authority on the subject of "short-term sexual relationships" like the ones explored here.

Either way, the results revealed that women prefer writers of more complex music as "short-term sexual partners when the risk of conception was at its highest." Which still doesn't explain the whole Steven Tyler thing, does it?