Greek indie-rockers Wonky Doll and the Echo have created a post-punk, shoegaze sound that has earned them high praise and a busy schedule performing in Athens. The quartet, formed in 2010, includes singer-guitarist George Lemons, singer-bassist YIOS, drummer Octapus and Konstantinos Antonakoglou on synth, piano and guitar. Their debut album, ‘Pleasant Thoughts,’ was touted as one of the top international indie releases on various music blogs and sites.

‘Pleasant Thoughts’ was released back in September 2012 via Geheimnis Records, but figuring most Americans probably slept on this one, we're giving away album opener ‘The Cut’ as today’s free MP3 download. Wonky Doll say their sound ranges from minimalist to dynamic and atmospheric, and according to Antonakoglou, ‘The Cut’ leans toward the latter.

“‘The Cut’ is a song based mostly on ambient synths and reverberating guitars,” he told “The lyrics refer to matters like unfulfilled love or dreams, and deal with the significance of the conditions in which a relationship grows.”

free mp3 download